Advanced Business Certificate in Business Analytics

Technology advancements now allow companies to collect massive amount of data. With so much raw data, businesses urgently need analytics tools that allow them to effectively analyze and act upon these data to help them identify opportunities and risks and to optimize business processes.

This graduate-level certificate is designed for business managers and information professionals who are interested in the role of business analytics in organizations and how data analytics can be applied to help make better business decisions.

Quick Facts


Two in-person campus locations:


UConn Graduate Business Learning Center
100 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103


UConn Stamford Campus
1 University Place
Stamford, CT 06901


or complete the program 100% Online

Length Four courses (12 credits)
Term Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Fees Commensurate with MSBAPM course fees


The Business Analytics Certificate requires 12 credits as follows:

Required courses:

• OPIM 5603 Statistics for Analytics
• OPIM 5604 Predictive Modeling
• OPIM 5272 Data Management and Business Process Modeling

One elective from the following list:

• OPIM 5111 Supply Chain Analytics
• OPIM 5112 Strategic Sourcing
• OPIM 5113 Distribution and Logistics
• OPIM 5501 Visual Analytics
• OPIM 5502 Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
• OPIM 5504 Adaptive Business Intelligence
• OPIM 5505 Analytical Consulting for Financial Services
• OPIM 5508 Healthcare Analytics and Research Methods
• OPIM 5509 Introduction to Deep Learning
• OPIM 5510 Web Analytics
• OPIM 5511 Survival Analysis with SAS
• OPIM 5512 Data Science using Python
• OPIM 5641 Business Decision Modeling
• OPIM 5671 Data Mining and Business Intelligence

• 3 credits of other OPIM 5000-level coursework with permission of Department



Applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Graduate degree (Ph.D., MD, JD, Master’s) from a fully-accredited university or college
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution and be a working professional looking to leverage up in the areas related to data processing and management.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Please review the Application Instructions before starting your application.