Not only are scholarship awards going to be presented to the top three performing teams, but this case competition gives business students an opportunity to challenge themselves and apply the skills acquired in the classroom in a real-life scenario to prepare themselves for future business endeavors. The case is based off a real- world business problem and will be judged by a panel of faculty members.

Participant Information


Teams must be composed of three students (at least two of the three students must be School of Business students). Teams can pre-register together on the website or choose to form during the kick-off meeting. If you don't have a full three member team or you are a single student that is interested please make sure to attend the kickoff meeting so we can find a way to form full teams. Although this case is based in the MIS field, it is recommended that teams are diverse in major, interest, and overall ability. If a team is interested, at least one team member must attend the kickoff meeting.

By the following Wednesday, a confirmation email will be sent out to all teams confirming their participation in the competition. All teams will also be required to create a team name to be associated with. That Friday all members of the team will be emailed the case. Questions regarding the case can be emailed to the competition coordinator up until Thursday, October 3rd at 9PM.

Competition Guidelines

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes in length. Time warnings at 10, 5, and 1 min(s) before the end of the presentation will be provided. Presentations will be stopped at 20 minutes sharply. The Question & Answer section is limited to 10 minutes in length. Time warnings will be provided at 5 min and 1 min before the end of the section. Q&A will be stopped at 10 minutes sharply.

Presentations are required to be done using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or higher

Teams may not provide the judges with any materials, nor bring or use external materials or props during presentations, with the only exception being the usage of a clicker.

Presentations are going to be judged on three separate categories (Each category out of 10 - max 30 points, the final score is the average of all judges total):

  • Quality of slides and presentation - includes aesthetics and preparation 
  • Presentation of case solution - includes Q&A answers
  • Alignment with realistic solution - includes justification and methodologies 

Competition Guidelines

Once all teams have presented the judging panel will deliberate and set a first, second, and third place team. These teams will be announced at the awards dinner on October 4th in the Business School Board Room, 321.

All resources found online or with other sources can be utilized, but must be referenced. Teams should not be discussing the case solutions among each other because there is no one right solution. Those presentations that are too alike will not be scored as highly because they lack innovative and out of the box thinking. Teams are encouraged to get feedback from faculty, staff, advisers, etc however all slides must only be created by members on that team.

For any questions about the competition or any guidelines please contact 


Event Date & Time Location
Kick-off Meeting Sept. 20, 2:00 - 3:00PM Business 122
Team Confirmation  Sept. 25, 5:00 PM Email
Case is Sent Out Sept. 27, 12:00 PM Email
Case Presentations
Oct. 4, All Day Innovate Lab, BUSN 391
Award Dinner Oct. 4, 5:00 - 6:30 PM Board Room, BUSN 321


Place Scholarship Total
First Place $500/ person $1500
Second Place
$250/ person $750
Third Place  $125/ person $375