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Prof. Sulin Ba

Management Information Systems

MIS teaches skills that lie at the interface between business functions and information technologies. These include highly sought after proficiencies that help you identify technology improvements in business practices including accounting, finance, marketing, operations and everything in between, formulate creative solutions, manage teams that will implement solutions and understand business requirements with the perspective of technologies.

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Information Management Association

IMA is the student club for MIS majors that helps connect members with company recruiters and professional opportunities. Any student with an IT and business interest can join and pursue career development and networking. Contact us and become a member today!

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  • Niraj Sharam Student Spotlight November 17, 2017
    Niraj Sharma is a Business Analytics and Project Management (BAPM) graduate student in the OPIM department who was able to see the benefits of a BAPM graduate degree after working for two years. Sharma began his career  as a test analyst at an international company called Data Consulting Services. Sharma’s job was to test mobile […]
  • Blockchain Workshop November 15, 2017
    On Friday November 10, the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) department held a workshop on Blockchain. In his fifth workshop of the semester, adjunct professor Stephen Fitzgerald, a UConn alumnus and Management Information Systems (MIS) graduate, was faced with the difficult task of explaining the intricacies of Blockchain in a ninety minute time frame. Blockchain […]
  • Project Greenlight November 14, 2017
    On Friday, November 10th LIFX, a company that creates smart lightbulbs, decided to participate in a movement that began in 2013, Greenlight A Vet. The company states that changing your lights to green is an easy way to establish visual support for America’s veterans by changing lights to green. The color green represents hope and positive […]
  • Unity Virtual Reality Programming Workshop November 7, 2017
    On Friday November 3, the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) team held one of its most successful workshops to date in the Gladstein Lab on Unity Virtual Reality (VR) Programming. The workshop, led by adjunct professor Stephen Fitzgerald, focused on acquainting people with Unity VR by “showing its historical progression, introducing students to the equipment, and […]

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  • Dean’s Report 2017 November 15, 2017
    Unlike Any Other Place As we approach the final weeks of 2017, the School of Business is growing, thriving and delivering its best to our students, wherever they may be. Excitement has been at fever pitch in the last few months. We have celebrated phenomenal growth in our campuses, our programs and our student enrollment....  […]
  • Uncovering Hatred November 14, 2017
    Professor Etudo Created Software that May Pinpoint ISIS, Other Hate-Groups’ Radicalization Sites A fascinating trait of mass murderers and terrorists is that they typically leave a lengthy manifesto detailing the impetus for their actions. Those diatribes are like gold to UConn OPIM professor Ugochukwu “Ugo” Etudo. He has used them to create software that can...  […]
  • Op-Ed: Our Private Data and the Market for Third-Party Providers of Functionality to Websites November 3, 2017
    When Faced with High Privacy Concerns Among Users, the Third-Party Industry Gets More Concentrated Your personal information is out there. You did not give it out, so how did it get there? Internet websites provide visitors with different levels of interaction, ranging from delivering basic information to providing sophisticated features and tools such as profile...  […]
  • Op-Ed: 5 Suggestions for an OpEX Practitioner in a Digital World November 2, 2017
    iSixSigma – The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt and Black Belt curriculum needs an overhaul. The original operational excellence (OpEx) Lean Six Sigma methodology developed by Motorola in the 1980s and made famous by Jack Welch at General Electric (GE) in the early 1990s is finding itself a bit long in the tooth in...  […]