The MIS Certificate will no longer be offered starting Fall 2017. If you have enrolled in any of the MIS Certificate-eligible courses listed below, they will count toward the Analytics Minor as well:

OPIM 3801 – Principles of Project Management

OPIM 3802. (3 credits) Data and Text Mining

OPIM 3803. (3 credits) Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Analysis

OPIM 4895. (3 credits) Special Topics: Visual Analytics

OPIM 4895: Spl Topics – Gamification

Please note that OPIM 3770 and any OPIM 4895 topics not listed above do not count toward the Analytics minor. The Analytics Minor Catalog details will be posted here when the Registrar’s Office updates the Undergraduate catalog. Please watch for full details regarding requirements.


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Consider getting the MIS Certificate

You can be eligible for a Certificate in MIS, if you successfully complete three MIS courses from a list of approved MIS courses. Here are some courses from this list:

OPIM 3777 (formerly OPIM 4895): IT Security, Governance, and Audit. Three credits. Prerequisites: OPIM 3103. Open to Juniors or Higher. Introduces the basic principles of information security, its role in reducing information risk exposure and tools and solutions that can be used to prevent information loss and business interruption. Discusses appropriate laws and industry standards for IT Governance. Presents the process of information systems audit, discusses tools of IT audit and its role in detection and prevention of fraud and other data anomalies. An introduction to risk management software and methodologies will also be covered.

OPIM 3801 (formerly OPIM 4895): Principles of Project Management. Three credits. Open to Juniors or Higher. Provides an introduction to the concepts necessary for both project managers and project team members to deliver successful projects on time, on budget and in scope. The phases and knowledge areas of project management, as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), are covered as well as the tools and techniques in each area for successful project management. An introduction to Microsoft Project software will also be covered.

OPIM 3802 (formerly OPIM 4895): Data and Text Mining. Three credits. Prerequisites: STAT 1000Q, or STAT 1100Q, or equivalent. Open to School of Business students (others with permission of Department Head). Provides an introduction to the concepts of data and text mining and positions students to structure and successfully complete information analytics projects. Various concepts and approaches are analyzed and subsequently implement using state-of-the-art analytic toolsets. Each student is required to bring a laptop (with Windows or Mac OS) that can connect to the internet and handle required software (see School of Business specifications).

OPIM 3803 (formerly OPIM 4895): Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Analysis. Three credits. Prerequisites: OPIM 3103 or Instructor’s Consent. Open to School of Business students (others with permission of Department Head). Each student is required to bring a laptop installed with Microsoft Excel that can connect to the internet. This course provides an introduction to business decision and data analysis with electronic spreadsheets in Excel, the primary quantitative analysis software in business environments. Modeling and decision techniques are covered in combination with Excel functions and tools. Applications in different business functional areas are also covered.

OPIM 4895: Special Topics. 
Three credits. Note that course offerings for Special Topics Courses can vary from semester to semester. Please check studentadmin for current listings. A course cannot be taken for credit again if it was previously taken for credit as a 4895 numbered course.

To obtain the Certificate, the following steps are needed:

  1. File the Application form with the OPIM department BEFORE you start taking any MIS courses
  2. Complete the classes as described in the Plan of Study
  3. Submit the Plan of Study along with a copy of your unofficial transcript during your last semester to the OPIM Department

Download the MIS Certficate Application Form

Download the MIS Certificate Plan of Study