Note: This list of courses represents a “typical” plan of study for an OPIM doctoral student. Other plans of study are certainly possible, subject to the approval of the OPIM PhD Program Committee. Credits for each course are given in parentheses.


BADM 6201 Introduction to Research and Teaching (1)

Research Methods and Supporting Courses

STAT 5415: Advanced Statistical Methods (3)
ECON 5201: Microeconomics 1 (3)
ECON 5311: Econometrics 1 (3)
Other methodology courses in Statistics, Economics, Operations Research and Stochastic Processes. Requires consent of the OPIM PhD Program Committee.

Major Area of Concentration

OPIM 6201: Research Methods for Operations and Information Management (3)
OPIM 6202: Seminar in Operations Management (3)
OPIM 6203: Seminar in Management Information Systems (3)

Note: OPIM 6201, 6202, and 6203 will change every year, and can be taken repeatedly for credit. All students are required to take at least four OPIM 6200-level courses, including at least one OPIM 6201 and three courses in any combination of OPIM 6202 and 6203, as approved by their advisor.

Coursework Requirement

All students must complete a minimum of 37 credits in the above areas.

Research Credit Requirement

GRAD 6950 Dissertation Research (up to 9 credits per semester)
All students must complete a minimum of 15 research credits.


  • Qualifying Paper – During their second year, students must complete a scholarly paper under the guidance of the PhD Committee.
  • Qualifying Exams – Following their second year, students must pass general examinations to demonstrate competency in each of the major OPIM subject areas: Management Information Systems, Operations Management, Operations Research, and Statistics.
  • Doctoral Dissertation – In their third and subsequent years, students must prepare and defend a significant original research contribution. A proposal of the dissertation and the dissertation itself must be defended in separate oral examinations.