Alumni of the Operations and Information Management Ph.D. Program

Ayush Sengupta, ’23 Ph.D., Alfred University
Essays on the Societal Impact of Ridesharing Platforms.

Arda Zuber, ’22 Ph.D., Uber
Applications of Inferential and Prescriptive Analytics in Information and Operations Management

Saharnaz Mehrani, ’21 Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
Applications of Analytics and Optimization in Healthcare Operations, Assortment Planning, and Event Planning

Mohsen Emadikhiav, ’20 Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
Applications of Analytics and Optimization in Trucking Transportation

Hongfei Li, ’20 Ph.D., Chinese University of Hong Kong
Essays on Emerging Risk-Reduction Mechanisms in Online Marketplaces for Professional Services

Teng Huang, ’20 Ph.D., Sun Yat-sen University, China
On Embedding Advanced Predictive Models into Optimization Models

Yucheng Chen, ’19 Ph.D., Bloomsberg University of Pennsylvania
Three Essays on Emerging Issues in Healthcare

Hoda Atef Yekta, ’18 Ph.D., Jamestown Madison University
Essays on Matching Markets: Course Allocation, Team Formation, and Peer-to-Peer Lending Markets

Yuan Jin, ’18 Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Essays on Online Two-sided Platforms

Aindrila Chakraborty, ’18 Ph.D., Texas State University
Greasing the Data Engine: Economic Impact and Legislative Success of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Local and National Levels

Xu Han, ’17 Ph.D., Fordham University
Rating Game – Inflation Detection, Audit Design, and Technology Adoption on the Nursing Home Compare System

Ho Cheung Brian Lee, ’17 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Essays on Behaviors of Online Crowds

Gang Wang , ’15 Ph.D., University of Delaware
Essays on Business Models and Empirical Analysis of the online Daily deal industry

Mark Schneider, ’15 Ph.D., University of Alabama
Essays on Decision Making under Risk in Decision Theory and Auction Theory

Lei Wang, ’14 Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Essays on the Interface of Location-Based Services, Consumers’ Shopping Behavior and Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Pantea Alirezazadeh, ’12 Ph.D., 1010 Data
Risk Management and Intangibles. The Role of Information in Customer Acquisition and Evaluation of Intangibles

Dan Ke, ’11 Ph.D., Wuhan University, China
Essays on Virtual World Economy

Qindong Liu, ’11 Ph.D., Dow Chemical
Essays at the Interface of Finance and Operations Management

Li Chen, ’10 Ph.D., Fayetteville State University
Essays on innovation: Identifying and Selecting New Technologies and Enhancements in Existing Products

Preetam Basu, ’10 Ph.D., University of Kent
Essays at the Interface of Operations and Risk Management

Matthew Dean, ’10 Ph.D., William & Mary
Improving Decision Making in Healthcare Operations

Harpreet Singh, ’10 Ph.D., University of Texas, Dallas
IT Innovations, Investments and Social Networks

Rajeev Kumar, ’09 Ph.D., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Hiding in Plain Sight: Anonymity and Privacy Preserving Mechanisms for Data Collection and Collaboration

Rohit Aggarwal, ’08 Ph.D., University of Utah
Two Essays on Measuring and Managing the Influence of Blogs

Sanjukta Das, ’07 Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo
Market Mechanisms for Grid Computing

Yanbin Tu, ’06 Ph.D., Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh
Analysis of Selling Strategies in Electronic Marketplaces

Seok-Joo Chang, ’06 Ph.D., SUNY at Albany
Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Overlapping Electronic Markets

Bhavik Pathak, ’06 Ph.D., Indiana University at South Bend
Integrative Models and Empirical Analysis of Recommender Systems in Online Retailing

Steven Thompson, ’05 Ph.D., University of Richmond
Essays on Healthcare Information Systems

Anteneh Ayanso, ’04 Ph.D., Brock University, Ontario
Efficient Processing of k-Nearest neighbor Queries Over Relational Databases: A Cost-Based Optimization

Kelley E. Donalds, ’04 Ph.D., Bridgewater State University, Mass
Web Choice Aid (WEBCA) A Research Prototype for Constructive Choice in Web Environments

Kevin (Kaveepan) Lertwachara, ’04 Ph.D., California Polytechnic State University
An Investigation of the Impact of Online File Sharing Technologies on Digital Goods Markets

Daniel Otte Rice, ’04 Ph.D., Technology Solutions Experts, Boston
Advanced Models for the Protection of Numerical Information in Databases: Providing Security and Flexibility in Markets for Private Information

Arvind K. Tripathi, ’03 Ph.D., University of Kansas
Decision Models for Wireless Advertising

Gilbert Gathunguri Karuga, ’02 Ph.D., University of Kansas
Multi-Unit Online Ascending Price Auctions: Mechanism Design, Evaluation, and Calibration

Bo-Chiuan Su, ’02 Ph.D., Putian University
Economic and Empirical Analysis of Consumer Purchase Intentions in Electronic and Traditional Retail Channels, Internet Retailer Pricing Strategies, and Price Dispersion on the Internet

Ravi Bapna, ’99 Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Economic And Experimental Analysis And Design Of Auction Based Online Mercantile Processes

Andrew N.K. Chen, ’99 Ph.D., University of Kansas
Improving Database Performances In A Changing Environment With Uncertain Dynamic Information Demand: An Intelligent Database System Approach

Peter Tarasewich, ’97 Ph.D., Northeastern University
Product Design Using Consumer and Designer Preferences:The Analysis of Multi-Source Conjoint Data