Decision Modeling and Business Analytics Research

Professor Miao Bai is an assistant professor of Operations and Information Management at UConn and a Research Collaborator at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. His primary research interest is to leverage mathematical optimization and data analytics to develop analytical and algorithmic solutions for complex problems in healthcare systems, medicine, and public health. For his recent work, he received first place in the 2021 Post-Pandemic Supply Chain and Healthcare Management Conference Best Paper Competition, the 2nd place in the 2021 POMS College of Humanitarian Operations & Crisis Management Best Paper Award Competition and the Finalist in the 2021 POMS College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Award Competition.

Prof. Robert W. Day’s research on combinatorial auctions (auctions with package bidding) received the Dantzig dissertation award in 2005 (for the best dissertation in OR/Management Science) and the INFORMS Computing Society Prize in 2008 (for the best paper in OR and Computer Science.) His pricing algorithm for “core-selecting” combinatorial auctions has been widely adopted for spectrum-license auctions internationally (including the U.K., Australia, and Canada, among others), determining which private telecommunications companies use which frequencies in each country. His research has been published in Management Science, Operations Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, among others.

Prof. Manuel Nunez is an Associate Professor who received his PhD from M.I.T. His areas of expertise include operations research, statistical modeling and simulation, analytics and business intelligence, computer programming and data structures, genetic algorithms, security and confidentiality in database systems, operations management and manufacturing, supply chain management, convex optimization, and stochastic models. He has published in journals such as Information Systems Research, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, SIAM Journal on Optimization, INFORMS Journal on Computing, and others.